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Females will need to figure out how to live without increasingly men that are independent.

With every action comes the same and reaction that is opposite.

Yes – finally

An independent guy is advisable that you be with. Both my husbands had been separate, and I also like this. They took care of by themselves. You don’t need to live without a person if he could be separate. We start thinking about that trait to be always a virtue and will never marry person who is certainly not.


Any guy with dignity is walking away from women today. You composing the content are a down right trick and also this research is utter bullshit. You’re reprobate and want to mirror in the issue that is true hand, females, perhaps not blame males for ladies becoming repulsively unnattractive

Walking away.

We cant concur with you more. I might have liked a grouped household, however frankly women can be simply not well well worth your time and effort anymore.

Im mid 40′s, decent hunting, have actually a home, my personal business, and seeing exactly just how females my age all appear to have been divorced 2x already. Why would we also bother? Specially you worked for since it seems now that women marry ONLY TO DIVORCE and take everything. Ive had a lot of relationships on the decade that is past and Ive had the same outcomes. Continue reading