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Making love on a dorm bed sucks, there is scarcely room that is enough one individual anyhow

There are many items that all Dartmouth pupils share whether it’s a hatred for early morning drill, a physical dependence on Foco cookies, or even a deep feeling of familial love and accessory to Souleymane. But most of all, there’s something that unites a lot of the Dartmouth population, hell the almost all the planet.

It sometimes feels like all we think about is sex at Dartmouth whether it’s that cute girl in your 10A who sometimes asks to see your notes, or that lax player from the gym with a jawline that could cut glass. Every occasionally, you may get fortunate and then do more than simply consider it.

Perhaps it is after an intimate 4th date at Molly’s, or following a sloppy DFMO at TDX. Regardless of the situation, whenever you finally find someone who’s down seriously to have sexual intercourse, you’d assume that the hard part’s over… That is, unless you make contact with your dorm and find out that teeny tiny double sleep.

Similar to individuals, once you got that Dartdorm or Rockefeller Bed blitz come early july you almost certainly thought “fuck that, we continued trips, we pooped within the woods, I’m not wasting cash on a complete sleep, why would we ever require it?” Right now’s why. Continue reading