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Wood Carving Pattern Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

You can even place it around your doorbell and light switches. It’s both functional and fashionable; an outstanding duo that attracts attention wherever it’s placed. His book is one of the original books on the basics of chip carving. While I was developing content I took some time to search online for a freelance editor. I was truly blessed to find an amazing editor who had done some work on a craft, how-to book before.

Probably the two most common woods used for carving in North America are basswood and tupelo; both are hardwoods that are relatively easy to work with. Chestnut, butternut, oak, American walnut, mahogany and teak are also very good woods; while for fine work Italian walnut, sycamore maple, apple, pear, box or plum, are usually chosen. Decoration that is to be painted and of not too delicate a nature is often carved in pine, which is relatively soft and inexpensive.

  • Intermediate carvers can likely tackle this with some patience, though it’s best accomplished by advanced woodworkers.
  • It’s a great way to test and expand your skills without getting into the ultra-detailed work.
  • You can vary them in size and style, even design some of your own to have a collection of snowflakes in your own home.
  • Don’t be anxious about making a detailed sculpture, at first try to do an abstract image.

She knew exactly what needed to be done to create the book, page-by-page, chapter-by-chapter, in a format the printer needed. With this approach, you can tell I wanted to self-publish my book. Rather than find a publisher who would take care of printing and marketing my book and deciding whether to reprint in the future, I wanted full control of my own destiny. Thankfully my dad spent his entire career in the printing industry.

Free Wood Carving Patterns From Deepwoods Ventures

Just download a beginners wood carving pattern transfer it to your basswood/tupelo wood and get carving right away. We have many free patterns to choose from – a Viking pattern, deer caricature pattern and a perfect beginners carving pattern of a swinging bird. A lot of our Wood Carving Plans are for animals, birds, reptiles and fish. Those types of carving patterns require you to work in the round. As a general rule, you may want to try a bird carving pattern before you try an animal wood carving pattern.

wood carving patterns

With this clover design, you can focus more on texture and feeling demonstrated through shading done on the reference picture. These 3d and templates are actually 2D printable pictures that can help inspire and guide you on the construction of a more concrete, 3D design. All projects and accomplishments commence with a passion, a spark of inspiration, an invigorating idea.

Sample this free wood carving pattern and tutorial by Desiree Hajny, author of the new Carving & Painting Adorable Animals in Wood Book. Hone your carving and painting skills on this toothy troublemaker, Count Dracula! Get in the Halloween wood carving spirit with this free carving pattern and tutorial. There are several designs to choose from, all with printable patterns that make it much easier to get started.

The animals, because of the foot and leg placement, can be a little trickier to carve out. We gathered up here a number of ideas for you to keep your wood carving hobby going on. Chinese Dongyang style is the most known traditional art which features complex intricate wood carving with multiple layers which form absolutely fascinating and stunning 3D masterpieces. Dongyang wood carving is named after the city of Dongyang and even nowadays the city is known for one of the four main schools of woodcarving in China. This Deepwoods Mouse by Deepwoods Ventures is a great pattern to get you started with more realistic shapes and animals. It’s got a leather tail and teeth that are separately carved and attached.

Author Spotlight: Chip Carving Expert Wayne Barton

Chip carving removes small chips in one stroke while relief carving removes wood in a more delicate manner with design in mind. The different styles in home decoration, the different trends have created their own unique wood carving patterns. Experts and connoisseurs define the carvings depending on the style as each one has its particular features. Elegant and sophisticated, strict and simple, exquisite and refined – every era bears its own stylistic characteristics which we see in the work of the craftsmen. A Free wood carving pattern is the way to get started on your carving project. Wood carving patterns were used for decorating homes and public buildings for centuries.

Crowns are basic and easy shapes with the intricacy being within its shape. Once you have the general outline created, you can invest in the smaller gems, dents, and texture of the crown to create a royal masterpiece. But Chris needed to move to another country and couldn’t work on the blog anymore. So for now, I write articles, do the promotions, try out new tools, discover new carving projects and so on.

Using nothing but a knife and a piece of wood, you can create a project in a matter of minutes, giving instant gratification to even a beginner. Finally, we have our last design, a carving to remind you of your success, the crown. An inanimate object that will always impress with its splendor.

11 Surprisingly Simple Wood Carving Projects For Absolute Beginners

A bird is an entrancing carving that will be bound to get your comments and compliments. Woodland birds are also closer to the theme of art and are a great starting point if you want to create your own eventual flock. Create a wide variety of handsome projects using these decorative motifs.

But The Carving Shop makes Carving A Rose much easier with a detailed video that covers every step of the process so that you can follow along while carving a rose of your own. Here, you can see the steps that this Highly Detailed Feather by macho10zst took on its way to completion. In the end, it’s a very detailed and ornate looking feather that’s truly a work of art. You can also turn a block of wood into an ornate feather if you follow this same process. I,m trying to find some wood carving sets to carve animals out of wood chuncks, and some faces out of it. This coaster was cut out using whittling tools and the ingrained pattern implemented whittling.

wood carving patterns

When you are comfortable with simple shapes and don’t mind making your work more complicated, try decorating your spoons, for instance, making something like Celtic love spoons. Of course, you can add any other decorations, and experiment with decorating cups and plates as well. Wood carving is different in different cultures and most of them feature the ethnic traditions of the nation – African, Asian, Russian and Eastern European. The patterns are charmingly exotic and crafted with incredible precision.

Detail of a wooden door hinge, decorated and painted by hand. Bahia palace, Marrakesh.Detail of a wooden door hinge, decorated and painted by hand. Learning to carve advanced three-dimensional shapes without hands-on instruction can be very difficult.

Small Hallway Design Ideas To Create A Warm And Welcoming Feel

With multiple parts to this picture and a lot of minute patterns over the skull’s surface, you can even go the length of painting this carving to match its festive tone. There is a lot you can do with this design, such as write a name on the lacing for a perfect present or leave the lacing out so it can serve as a paperweight at home. Here are some pattern books I’ve found useful when it comes to generating ideas for chip carving. When you feel much-less confident in your wood carving skills, it would be a great idea to make presents for your friends and family. If your girl likes handmade things, she will certainly appreciate something you have made with your own hands. If you would rather do something on a surface than a 3D object, consider studying chip carving and relief carving techniques.

  • The terms ‘in cannel’ and ‘out cannel’ refer to the inner and outer faces of any carving tool which has them; without specifying an actual tool.
  • Detail of a wooden door hinge, decorated and painted by hand.
  • Since they have no internal details, you won’t be distracted by anything you don’t need.
  • So we’ve found a bunch of easy wood carving projects you can start whenever you’re ready.
  • This Detailed Engraved Flower by Fine Woodworking can be carved by hand, but it’s better to have a little external help with some of these deep lines and intricate details.

Baroque style features pompous, beautifully curved and smooth lines, artistic contrasts of colors and shapes. Tom Hindes, Author of Whittling in your Free Time, will walk you through this fast, fun, and easy wood carving for beginners tutorial. Chip carving takes very detailed work with steady hands since the carvings are so small.

With his inside contacts, we met at Reindl Printing in Merrill, Wisconsin to watch the first pages come off the press. A few weeks later I was back at Reindl with a small U-haul trailer to pick up my skid of books. When I first started My Chip Carving in 2007, everything I sold was produced by someone else. For several years, Shelley told me over and over, “You have to write your own book! ”In 2014 I bit the bullet, agreed with her and committed to writing my own book on chip carving. I knew the title immediately, Chip Carving Essentials, Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Chip Carving.

So, he headed to his local Woodcraft Store to pick up the tools and knowledge he would need to get started. Once a year, in the chilliest weather, everyone goes out to enjoy the minuscule ice sculptures known as snowflakes. But why wait for the winter season to see these creative crystals when you can create your own! You can vary them in size and style, even design some of your own to have a collection of snowflakes in your own home. You don’t have to stick to sculptures and statuettes when it comes to 3D carving; you can even make your own frames! This template can become a great engraved frame for photos and art pieces.

Floral Wood Carving: Full Size Patterns And Complete Instructions For 21 Projects

A romantic spoon cannot simply function as a utensil or as an attractive art piece; it must also send a message of feeling, passion, or love. If you follow this Duck Decoy Pattern by The Woodcarver’s Cabin, you’ll be able to carve a very realistic looking duck that can even act as a hunting decoy. If you want yours to look as realistic as the one in the picture you’ll need to get some paints to give it that final life-like finish. This Basswood Mountain Cabin from Pinterest is one of the coolest carvings we’ve seen while putting this list together. It’s got some difficult features, with lots of detail in the thatched roof and tons of lines to put in to represent the wood beams used in the home’s construction.

At the working end of the tool, a bevel diminishes the thickness of the steel into the cutting edge. There may also be a bevel on the inside of the gouge; in other words there may be an inner bevel and an outer bevel. The corner where the bevel meets the full thickness of the blade is known as the heel.

Professional Wood Carving Tools

About 6″ long overall, the knives have white beech handles. Wayne Barton is an American-born professional woodcarver who lives in Park Ridge, Illinois with his Swiss wife, Marlies. First given an interest in woodcarving at the age of five under the tutelage of his Norwegian grandfather, he has had a serious interest in, and love for carving all his life.

chip carving

Always make a curved cut with your elbow and not your wrist. Such that your wrist always points forward and you maneuver your knife with an elbow motion. Lora S. Irish, and are not an affiliate, subsidiary, nor employee of any other websites, publishing companies, or message boards. The articles, images, and patterns on this site are copyrighted and remain the sole property of L. Remove the last chip and do any necessary clean, up.

These are my most recent batch of MyChipCarving Diamond Deluxe Knives, with Bloodwood handles and mosaic pins. They turned out better than I could have hoped for. The Bloodwood machined and finished really nice.

Mychipcarving’s Projects

Something I really like about this method, and everyone reading will probably enjoy as well, is that you only need two knives to get yourself started, and wood of course. Enter now for your chance to win more than $2,000 worth of woodworking equipment from Woodpeckers. Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community.

  • Here you will learn everything about this hobby to get you started the right way.
  • Churches in Northern Germany which were built in the 8th century have examples of this type of carvings done in stone.
  • The range of blade styles for these knives was specifically developed for chip carving.
  • In fact, this is one of the main advantages of chip carving.

Additionally, ragged walls can be caused when used on hardwood or wood that is difficult to chip. This can be a recurring problem with would like mahogany when used with a hand tooled instead of a chisel and mallet. If you want to provide ragged walls altogether, then use a lower density would like butternut or brass wood. This is most of the time due to your chip carving knives not being sharpened enough. As a good practice, it is important to sharpen your knives before and after every use. It will keep them in good condition and ready for action at any time.

Wood Carving Knife, Round Neck, Straight Edge, For Lino Cutting, Hornbeam Handle

Just wanted to say what a great job you’re doing in the name of chip carving. Your efforts have brought chip carving to the beginner and those interested in taking up this rare and beautiful old method of wood carving for the first time. Not to mention adding to the skill of experienced chip carver. The style became important in Migration Period metalwork, mainly animal style jewellery, where the faceted surfaces created caught the light to give a glinting appearance. This was very probably a transfer to metalworking of a technique already used in woodcarving, but no wooden examples have survived.

Its smaller brother, the Mini chip Carving Knife, handles all of the details too small for the standard size knife. The Skew Knife is used to vertical cuts where the other knives won’t fit. This simple definition of chip carving allows us to consider that it originated in various societies without the necessity of influence from other groups. There are variations in the tools and designs favored by chip carvers of various cultural backgrounds. The notion that chip carving has a rich and long history for all of us, enhances the feeling deep in our common cultural identities.

For shipments outside the contiguous USA or areas not served by regular ground shipping, our Customer Service Department will confirm the shipping charge. I design and create a large variety of wordcarving pieces. You will need to do it as quickly as possible so as not to lose focus. One swift movement will produce the best result.

Instead, hold your knife at the same angle and go over the cut again, starting with the cross-grain cut. Most of the time, it will be the cross-grain cut that needs a little more depth to remove the chip. Start with a deep cut and draw the knife steadily out of the wood as you follow the curve toward the center of the rosette.

For instance, ceremonial tool handles and boat paddles have been found in the South Pacific Islands which were carved with repetitive deep cuts. They were likely done with pieces of sea shells, bits of bone or even shark teeth. The history of chip carving is an interesting and beneficial topic for the woodcarver to learn about.

Additionally, do not cut too deep in your chip and the maximum should be around 1/8” deep. If your chip is too large, remove it in multiple stages rather than one pass. A knife is your best friend when digging in large chips. You can easily download chip grids online to use as tracing paper or a general guideline when chip carving. Those graph papers come in 1/4” and 1/3” grid patterns.

Carving Tools

The larger the rasp, the coarser and more aggressive. Milani has diamond rifflers made for marble, and we also carry Strauss small equine dental tools made of industrial diamonds in Israel. The words “rasp” and “riffler” are used interchangeably. Chisels, hammers and riffler/rasps are the backbone of your sculpture and of your skills.

  • A fishtail іѕ а chisel оr gouge whose blade іѕ thin and light and the cutting edge оf the tool іѕ broader than the shaft.
  • The mallet can be made from scrap hard wood turned on your own lathe, or can be purchased at flea markets, antique stores, or from online sellers.
  • It is used for carving wood either by hand or using a mallet.
  • Also, pay attention to the sharp edge and do not put any body parts in front of the sharp edge.

Just like a chisel, a gouge is quite durable and can last for a long time if maintained properly. Note that it will require frequent sharpening just like a chisel to keep its edge sharp. Most people will just use a gouge to take wood out for making a bowl shape or hollow out wood. But an adze would make the job way easier than gouges and chisels.

Generic 6 Pcs Wood Carving Chisel Set Diy Hand Tools,skew Chisel,spoon Chisel,v

Carving with a joiner’s mallet would be a little aggressive and tiring. So we recommend that you use a small carver’s mallet for any carving work that requires tapping. And for wood carving purposes, we’ll just be looking at straight, out-canel gouges, where the sharpened bevel is on the bottom of the blade. Bent gouges are specialty tools that allow you to approach the work at a steeper angle, as with bowl carving and other projects that involve carving out a cavity. And In-canel gouges are more used for specialty tasks, such as window sash work. Founded in 1986, under the name of Falls Run Woodcarving, Flexcut began as a custom carving shop and woodcarving school.

carving hand tool

If you are planning on making a bowl or something similar a gouge will give you the best leverage. People often use this when they have to hollow out large pieces of wood, for instance to make a bowl. It scoops out chunks of wood at a time and speeds up your projects. However, due to its large size, it might be difficult to use at first. V-tools join two straight cutting edges to create a V shape.

Whеn the blade оf the chisel іѕ cut аt аn angle tо the axis оf the tool, іt іѕ called а skew chisel оr corner chisel. It іѕ basically а bevel-edged chisel with аn angled cutting tip. A V-tool, because of its small sized cutting edge, like a veiner, is great for detail work and excellent for certain types of wood carving applications. If you have a picture or drawing of a carving that you’d like to replicate, then you can use a wood carving gouge size chart provided by the manufacture of your gouge. For example, you can use the size charts in the Pfeil catalog to determine which sweep and size will match the curves in your carving . This site is dedicated to educate woodworking, wood carving, and all wood related topics for people of all levels of expertise.

Ray Iles Carving Tools View Category

Conversely, it is difficult to fit a large V-tool into a tight area. Choosing a V-tool somewhere in the middle gives you the best of both worlds. Like gouges, V-tools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the 60° V-tool is the most versatile. Here is a video showing how to work with a Sloyd knife. Here is a great video featuring the use of fishtail chisels.

Great Gouges: The Essential Tool Kit

A detail knife has a smaller blade than a general carving knife and is designed to fit into tighter areas. I don’t use a detail knife very often, but when you need it, you need it. Some detail knives feature a longer blade that comes to a sharp point, but I prefer a short blade (less than 1″, or 25mm) that comes to a tight point at the end.

Again, for beginners, stick with a knife with a straight cutting edge that is parallel to the handle. An indispensable carving tool that comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, а chisel typically consists оf а sharp cutting edge attached to a handle. To print the images, close the print view and scroll to the bottom of the article. Once all of the images have loaded, select the print option again. The final details that you will give to any piece of work in power carving will be using a rotary tool.

10 Simple Wood Carving Projects Ideas For Your Lockdown

If you think you are familiar with all the necessary basics, you are ready to choose your next project! Let’s get into our favorite carvings for beginners and the step-by-step tutorials showing you how to carve them. The terms ‘in cannel’ and ‘out cannel’ refer to the inner and outer faces of any carving tool which has them; without specifying an actual tool. Cannel comes through ‘cannelure’, from the French for a channel, and is used in architectural contexts to mean a flute. It is also related to the word ‘channel’, and ‘canal’, the watercourse.

wood carving projects

Carving a pawn will also help you carve a rather rare and difficult element in wood carving, a round object that is not round all the way through. This is done with push cuts and stop cuts so you will also get the chance to enhance those as well. When working on carvings that are not very “standard,” we want to encourage you to add some creativity and some of your own character into these carvings. When carving a wooden spirit, you need to follow instructions but carving out a wooden heart is the perfect sandbox for experiments. Now you know how to carve a fully functional whittled whistle. Next time you’re going fishing with your friends or family, don’t forget your carving knife to demonstrate and maybe even teach this fun project to them.

Frank Foust was one of the first carvers promoting comfort birds all over the world. Moreover, he sold his projects and donated those for charity. He was able to donate $1 000 for the Haitian earthquake relief fund. In case you’re willing to make a bird as well, make sure to check out the tutorial on Instructables.

Spelen Met Vuur, Houtsnijwerk Handgemaakte Abstracte 3 Kleine Beeldje Fijn Cadeau Idee Home Decoratie

That said, when it comes to making intricate and detailed carvings, the uѕе оf manual hand wood carving tools іѕ indispensable. A long bent tool іѕ а special type оf gouge that has аn upward bend along the length оf the cutting tool. Fоr а beginner, а basic set оf wood carving tools would bе sufficient. Your average wood carving tools set often comes in 12, or 24-packs, with an assortment of tools that we will discuss in this article.

  • Varieties like maples, walnut, elm, and butternut.
  • Getting started with wood carving is very exciting, but you need to make sure you are working on simple wood carvings for beginners before you move to something harder.
  • Bring the sun in your everyday life and carve a sunflower.
  • Comfort birds are said to reveal the pain while you’re holding it in the hand.
  • Moreover, you can go further making different musical instruments after you get the basic idea of its carving.

As you guide yourself through beginner projects, this hobby can easily become something that you master. This project can be as big or as small as you’d like it to be. This is one of the best projects for beginners, because it can be designed quite simply or be made more advanced by increasing the amount of details you create. There are many different guides available for all different kinds of animals. Wood that is very hard and difficult to cut, with looser grains are types of woods that you want to avoid.

Whistle Carving Project

These tools allow for a high degree of detail and control when making the cuts. The main keys to using these tools are to keep them razor sharp and carve woods with favorable density and grain. Gouges and chisels are designed to be pushed with your palm or tapped with a mallet to make cuts and remove wood. Relieve carving is a method to create designs or sculptures out of wood. U or V shaped tools are most often used with a mallet to remove wood from a larger block. I,m trying to find some wood carving sets to carve animals out of wood chuncks, and some faces out of it.

Keep Yourself Focused And Carve A Lizard

We’ve been pleased by the works of Giles Newman for a lot of time. In case you wondering what tools would be good for spoon carving, check out the article 10 best wood carving tools for beginners. Carvers create many different types of objects, either functional like spoons and bowls, or to be used for decoration, like small wooden statues or wall hangings. There are a few factors that will determine the success of any given carving project – we’ll be going over each of these throughout the guide. Wood-carving projects can range from beginner to advanced levels, and all you need are a few simple tools and some quality pieces of wood to get started.

That’s where things like woodworking come into play. Are you interested in working with wood and even with some power tools but you’re not quite ready to take on building entire pieces of furniture? Then you’re the perfect person to start learning how to whittle. Carving small figures such as animals is exactly what you need to do to train your wood carving skills.

This method can be used to create signs, custom designs in finished pieces or larger wood sculptures. Relief carving can be used to create beautiful, organic designs in the faces of wood or in stand-alone, decorative pieces. Green wood is the most ideal for carving a spoon. However, you can certainly extend your spoon carving application to hardwood as well . I’m wondering if a local wood carver group might be able to help you out with tools or supplies? I was trying to find out how can I get the wood tools that I need to carve animals out with, and how much will it cost me fo a set of them.

Carve This “whale Of A Tale” Simple Soap Carving

You can create your own soap carving tools from sharpened popsicle sticks. Large rustic whale carving, handcrafted from reclaimed wood and given an antique finish for style & texture. These happy blue whales are carved by Robert Porcello of Marshfield, MA. Learn to carve today with fun, fast and easy whittling projects! Whittling Volume 5 is packed with 26 projects that you can make in only minutes, using just a pocket knife. A handy whittler’s starter guide covers all the fundamentals you need to know.

  • My intrepid woodcarving project began in earnest in January of 2015, approximately 8 months before the little (aquatic?) mammal’s first birthday.
  • The Whale of a Tale project is fun to learn this soap carving technique, yes, but the real fun happens in the bathtub.
  • Sunny Wood’s whale carvings are derived from a personal relationship between the artist and his experience with nature.
  • Oh, the adventures that the whale’s creator will share!
  • Yes, I am slightly worried that when he grows up, my nephew David will reject our species and join a local whale pod.

First, I probably applied the finish way too early in the process. David didn’t tell me he wanted a whale for his birthday, let alone a whale carved out of a block of wood. Each whale is unique, the texture of the wood varies but the dimensions, shape and coloration will be be similar to the whale shown. Using a detail knife, mark out the mouth and the underbelly lines. You can make a V-cut with a detail knife, especially in tight workspaces.

Blue Whale Wood Wall Decor

Carved in the round, as here, it can be set upright on its own base of Irish Spring ocean waves. Soap carving is a great way to introduce children on how to carve wood. It is also an economical way of finding out if you like carving enough to graduate to a whittling knife, gouge, and wood.

whale wood carving

After weeks of slicing up my hands and breathing in wood particles, the end result was utter garbage. I would share a photograph of just how awful it looked, but I never took any photos of the whale when it was in that monstrous state. Right before my very eyes, the whale morphed into a monstrosity.


Each whale takes on a unique personality conveyed through its expressive eye, telling the history of Nantucket in a single wink. The whale has several quirks as a result, but I’m of the humble opinion that these quirks add character. I want my nephew to be able to wood carving patterns whale look at this someday and recognize that it wasn’t 3D-printed or mass-produced in a factory. With just under two months to go before my nephew’s birthday, I’m satisfied with the current state of the whale. Toy maker’s finish produces a glossy, protective coating.

whale wood carving

But assuming this finish is legitimately non-toxic after it’s had plenty of time to dry , this is good news for my nephew. Once I was satisfied with my sanding efforts, the next step was to once again coat the whale with some type of varnish or stain. But this time, I actually paid attention to the solution I chose. We were at a family get-together at my apartment back in May when the old man gave me the sage advice. My nephew was also there, which had prompted me to produce the proto-whale and explain my woodcarving woes.

Second, the product I chose for the finish — a spray can of lacquer — was unequivocally the wrong choice. My intrepid woodcarving project began in earnest in January of 2015, approximately 8 months before the little (aquatic?) mammal’s first birthday. Yes, I am slightly worried that when he grows up, my nephew David will reject our species and join a local whale pod. “Carve the white whale,” a voice beckoned from behind his baby blues, like we were in some strange, Herman Melville interpretation of Field of Dreams.

whale wood carving

Chris Lubkemann has been writing about whittling for over 45 years, and he actually holds a Guinness World Record for the smallest branch rooster carving! Chris also includes vital information that every scout needs to know about wood selection, knife handling, safety, and sharpening. Discover the art of carving soap with this comprehensive guide. Fun and easy to learn, soap carving is both a perfect craft for beginners and an ideal practice medium for advanced carvers. Then, after applying the fifth (sixth?) coat of toy maker’s finish to the wooden whale, I discovered, as one often does, that I was doing it all wrong.

Using some clamps I already had on hand from a previous project, I fixed the wood block to the table and sawed out the rough shape of the whale’s tale. It’s going to be a real bitch carving that whale’s tail out of a solid block of wood. Yes, I did have some woodcarving experience when I started out, mostly in the form of whittling sticks on camping trips. But a year earlier I had gotten a bit more serious about the craft, purchasing an Exacto-brand carving knife with interchangeable blades.

The Whale of a Tale project is fun to learn this soap carving technique, yes, but the real fun happens in the bathtub. Oh, the adventures that the whale’s creator will share! Not only is this happy whale fun at bath time, it can also be ready for action near a sink to clean dirty hands. The whale can be carved into the reverse side for a soap-on-a-rope project.

Using a small gouge, I added concavity to the end of the tail. This gives the tail more dimension—more natural looking than a flat tail. Note how I’m supporting the backside of the tail while I carve. Sunny Wood’s whale carvings are derived from a personal relationship between the artist and his experience with nature. As Sunny carves, the grain and knots in the wood become realized and the whale comes to life.