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Could it be better to date a polyamorous girl?

Night i was getting to know this woman I had met via board game. We found myself in a discussion after she posted on FB that she prefers dancing at homosexual pubs, therefore straight guys do not grind up against her.

I believe she actually is in her own late 30s, very very early 40s. She had been asked by me if she actually is dating anybody, and she stated that she actually is poly.. I was thinking that has been into the certain section of multi-dating, but she clarified that she does not have a partner or b/f at this time.

That she actually is been with somebody on the previous handful of months, but. these are generally nevertheless absolve to do any with other people.

Seems like somebody’s seeking STD’s when they date her?

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Do not get me personally incorrect, but it is sort of hard to not make enjoyable for this sorts of life style, because they tend to go as a genuine orientation? Will they be confused about their lifestyle or orientation? It is quite nebulous in this way, can it be?

It is sorts of within the exact same wheelhouse as swingers but without the exclusivity?

She describes that it is maybe maybe perhaps not possible for her to become a monogamous, because not all the her needs/wants are satisfied by one individual.

Is not polyamory another term for resting around or from the male’s viewpoint. Continue reading