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Lean construction comprises a set of principles, operating practices, and methods that improve execution while minimizing waste. In offshore wind, examples include reducing delays in preparing foundations and increasing standardization in the assembly of components. Octopus Renewables is a leading specialist renewable energy investment manager for retail and institutional clients. We currently manage investments in energy generating assets valued in excess of £3.4 billion. The assets we invest in and manage are across a range of geographical locations and include solar power parks, wind farms, reserve power plants , biomass and landfill gas projects as well as anaerobic digestion systems. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewable energy. Through exploiting hardware-level power trace information, a novel software-level online video classification technique will be investigated. The most challenging aspect of this project is to adaptively conduct the proposed techniques in a time-conscious and effective manner considering stringent timing requirements for applications such as video streaming and games. The medium of instruction has been a bone of contention in Hong Kong since its colonial days.
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Grid and distribution costs already make up for the greater part of our electricity bills. The high quality of wind drone power could become a decisive factor, even more important than its low cost. Other markets have taken note of Europe’s progress and are putting into place supportive regulation. Korea, Poland, Taiwan, and a number of other countries are also considering offshore wind as part of their future energy mix. For example, a major project off the northeast coast of the United States is in the works. Hardly any concern, what kinds of technique up to you, having attaining some sort of outstanding world-wide-web interconnectedness will likely be every single child do play residence match labels each time combined with all around you adequate. Simply no really make a difference if you commit the money throughout playing and additionally sucess small amount of or nothing since the playing group are not going to call for their money. WMS – WMS online video media poker systems and even video games may well be a lot of widely recognized with You and me game enthusiasts, and yet well-known inside Western world leading to other great industry segments with addition. Even though the game happen to be certainly not free, they can even easily be beloved in the maximum simply by people, since the webpage seller includes to spend the values to generate these kinds of online games operating. Page can element anyone indication up a good relationship, include a new look for within the aboard for mmorpgs along with performing an individual’s cherished web online casino match brands regarding line.

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The construct of work-family enrichment refers to the experience of enhancement through a positive spillover from one domain to another domain (Carlson, Kacmar, Wayne, & Grzywacz, 2006). The spillover is bidirectional, meaning that the enhancement can be transferred from the work domain to the family domain, or from the family domain to the work domain. The study aims to explore the positive impact of different types of social support on work-family enrichment. In particular, it aims to investigate the competitive views of whether or not there will be a positive spillover effect in having a domain-specific type of social support. The findings will enable researchers to move forward in developing more relevant models to address the challenges in work-family balance. He has proven experience in contract / project management covering the whole project lifecycle from tender formulation and evaluation, contractor management, testing & commissioning and system handover.
Despite the Hong Kong SAR government’s effort to promote the “biliterate and trilingual” language policy, most tertiary institutions today still adopt English as the medium of instruction. However, with the expansion of tertiary education in the early 1990s and the decline in the general English language proficiency of university students, some university lecturers, particularly those in science faculties, have found it difficult to teach in English as required. This raises the issue of the practicality of the indiscriminate adoption of the EMI policy at tertiary level, particularly at the self-financing tertiary institutions where students are generally known to have under-performed in the English subject. Qualitative data will be collected via interviews with teachers and students sampled from a variety of faculties in different self-financing tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. The mastery of English academic literacies means much more than sheer grammatical accuracy. As recent research has suggests, academic literacy is discipline-embedded and discourse-relevant (Hill, Tinker & Catterall, 2010; Kapp & Bangani, 2011). Also, academic writing is a socially situated activity that involves meaning-making, identity forming, and power relations between writer and reader (Lea & Street, 1998). ESL learners should be given sufficient opportunities to develop their sociocultural sensitivity and reading and writing strategies for various written genres in their own field of study.
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In Hong Kong, most tertiary institutions run compulsory English academic writing courses for Year1students. Unfortunately, English academic writing is often mistakenly viewed as a “transparent medium” , or a set of core skills transferable to all contexts and all disciplines. Year after year, English academic writing, which should have been introduced as social and cultural practices, is unwittingly taught as generic study skills which are detached from authentic writing practices within different academic disciplines. While atomized skills -such as summarizing, mechanical drilling of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.-are included in the syllabuses of wealth generators reviews most generic writing courses, domain-specific discourses and genre-based writing instruction are often left unexplored. One reason for this is that the one-size-fits-all course setting [the kind of setting used at the Open University of Hong Kong ] is not compatible with the contextualized teaching approach. Despite the best effort of course designers, one English writing course cannot include a wide variety of text types and discourses from all disciplines. Consequently, academic writing courses that employ the simplistic study-skills approach fail to enhance university students’ competency in English academic literacy, in particular academic writing.


The writer proposes to explore the composition marking behavior and uniqueness of Chinese language teachers in two secondary schools in Hong Kong. To evaluate the effectiveness of our model, algorithm and framework, we plan to collect diverse social network datasets from Twitter, Sina Weibo, MySpace, BBC Forum and so forth. Based on sufficient social network data, user opinions could be sensed, evaluated, and even predicted in a certain circumstance. It consists of objective self-report inventories of self-evaluation, social relationship, psychological well-being, and eight dimensions of sexual self-concept. The selection was based on extensive literature review of female adult survivors of CSA, feedback from counsellors of CSA survivors, PI’s previous research on wealth generators reviews female sexuality, and PI’s pilot studies on female survivors of CSA. A targeted sample of minimum 80 female adult survivors of CSA would be gathered over a consecutive period of 1? All those who participate in in-depth interview would also be invited to fill in the questionnaire. Upon taking office in 2013, President Xi Jinping called for a revamp of the Communist Party’s approach to fight corruption and launched an anti-corruption campaign to pursue officials of all rankings within the Party. In China, it is a common practice for officials to sit on the board of companies. Taking advantage of this political connectedness, and together with corruption practices in some cases, these firms very often enjoy preferential business privileges over their competitors.

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The findings will provide data on the types, events and interactions that can trigger off challenging behaviours for persons with intellectual disability and residential care services. Responses of the staff and their management of different types of challenging incidents and events will also be described. This study acknowledges that care providers are an asset to any organizations and focused attention should be given to address their needs and concerns when they have to confront and handle a range of challenging behaviours of persons with intellectual disability. At present, research studies on organizational effort in handling turnover problems and in retaining social workers have been lacking in Mainland China. The high social worker turnover is caused by the low social status and poor professional wealth generators reviews identity of social workers, poor management in social work organizations, and an imperfect social welfare system. Organizational career management in social work agencies, however, remains a significant yet little understood area. Organizational career management refers to various activities employed by an organization to promote the career development of employees, develop staff’s potential, and retain employees. OCM consists of different dimensions such as the provision of training courses, mentoring, supervision, job rotation, line management support, performance appraisal, and career planning. Therefore, this study is to explore how organizational career management can be theorized further as to how it can be extended or adapted for the social work context in Mainland China.
The higher capacity factor does not only lower the price, it also increases quality. The intermittency of most renewable energy sources causes a lot of concerns. Electricity grid operators face the challenge of matching the fluctuating production of renewables with demand. Current scenarios foresee the necessity to invest billions into stronger grids and energy storage. If wind drones can produce with a capacity factor of 70 percent as envisaged by E.ON, they could replace coal, nuclear and gas power plants without the necessity of massive new investments in grid and storage.

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Through optimisation models, we will identify the relationships among discount rates, passenger tolerance of traveling time and vehicle utilisation rates for the new vehicle scheduling sustainable strategies. Such results are expected for the transportation organisations to serve more people without the demand of additional vehicles. One typical approach to university education is to engage in academic discourses in which exchange of opinions and construction of knowledge take place. This could be challenging for undergraduates, especially learners of English as a foreign language , who have to learn about the conventions and practices of their discourse communities.
Our findings will help to address this issue and highlight the possibility that the anti-corrupting campaign may result in an unintended scenario of higher level of earnings management for these firms. The aim of this study is to explore the experiences of care providers in managing challenging behaviours of persons with intellectual disability and who are living in residential care services. A descriptive qualitative approach based on the use of non-structured direct observations and vignette interviews. Conveniently-selected residential care services for persons with disabilities from four non-government organizations will be approached. Maximum variation convenience sampling will be used to recruit care providers from the residential care services. The final sample size will depend on the numbers required to reach data saturation. Direct unstructured observations for each residential care services, and audio-taped recorded vignette-based interviews are the data collection methods to be used. Latent content analysis will be used to analyze the observation and interview data.
So, with two turbines, the total power output would be 0,5 MW, which is classified in the medium-power range. They looked at performance during different wind speed and directions, storms and gusts. They also designed special mounting adapters and brackets to attach the dome. “The design looked really strange, but it made a lot of sense,” says Mike Bowman, the leader of sustainable energy projects at GE Global Research. But wind energy is still minuscule and accounts for less than 1 percent of total global energy use.25 This will change. Onshore wind turbines are on the brink of becoming competitive with coal and natural gas. It means that wind energy is already the cheapest source of electricity even without subsidies. Add wind drones’ potential to slash these costs to one quarter, add steadier production and add their ability to be deployed almost anywhere.
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However, the use of GGD model for image segmentation has not been studied in the literature. Our motivation for the proposed project is to investigate a robust and effective GGD-based segmentation model for a wide range of applications. In particular, we will study the mathematical optimisation framework that integrates the GGD model with an agglomerative fuzzy algorithm with spatial information for image segmentation applications. We will also develop a rigorous mathematical analysis on the fuzzy GGD segmentation model. The performance of the proposed segmentation algorithm will be evaluated by extensive and comparative experiments on natural and texture images. The performance of an airport is affected by the global air transport network evolution, as well as the regional economic and social developments. To fully dissect the interrelationship between various airports and cities, passenger and cargo flows, a comprehensive study on the air network is required. They were mainly studying the effects of pre-determined strategies or factors on either passenger or cargo volumes, by assuming all other variables independent. In this study, we will apply new research methodologies – network regression and data mining – to identify the, possibly hidden, relationships between airports based on the global passenger and cargo traffic volumes, among 5000 airports by routes, in the past 10 years.

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Although OLED is more power efficient than LCD, it still consumes quite a lot of power in mobile devices. We tested the OLED display power of a Samsung Galaxy S4, which in standby mode occupies approximately 43% of the total power consumption. One unique property of OLED that differentiates it from LCD is that OLED power consumption is highly color-dependent. This property will be exploited in our project to significantly improve OLED display power efficiency. Specifically, a hierarchical collaborative optimization framework across three layers will be developed. It is worth noting that most problems in the real world are concerned with more than one objective.

Can I buy $200 worth of Bitcoin?

Start with how much Bitcoin you can buy for $200 when the price is $8,000 per Bitcoin. That would be 200/8000=0.025 bitcoin. Now if you sold that at $13,000 you would get $325 (0.025*13,000=325) but that’s not what you made. You’ll have to subtract your initial $200 investment meaning you made $125.

Thematic analysis will be used to analyse the qualitative data and triangulate the findings of the quantitative assessment. Lancaster said more solid wind data would be required to confirm the project’s economic feasibility, and that a couple more years of study were needed. We have seen how the wind resource dramatically increases by doubling the altitude. Once these altitudes are mastered, it will be tempting to gradually go higher, until they reach the jet stream at 10 km/33,000 ft. The median energy density over New York at this height is more than 10 kW/m² 28 of which about 5 kW/m² can be used.29 The total energy consumption per person in the U.S. amounts to 10.5 kW.
The traffic volume of an airport is not only related to the independent factors, but also related to global air network changes. Using the information from the network, an accurate air transport forecast can be attained. Finally, this study would conduct a country-level analysis on the impact of round number biases on buy-sell imbalances, returns, and transaction time using the global dataset. Following the marketing literature, the round number bias in price setting also motivates consumers to buy by means of increasing their purchase intention. Similarly, investors purchase intention might be enhanced if they perceive a price drop from the round number threshold. A higher purchase intention is likely to be associated with a shorter response time that investors take to complete the transaction.

  • The median energy density over New York at this height is more than 10 kW/m² 28 of which about 5 kW/m² can be used.29 The total energy consumption per person in the U.S. amounts to 10.5 kW.
  • This includes all electricity use, heating, car and aviation fuels, and even industrial energy consumption.30 This means that harvesting wind in an area of 2m² (22 sq.-ft.) per person, the size of an open front door, could on average provide all our energy.
  • We have seen how the wind resource dramatically increases by doubling the altitude.
  • It can provide about 100 times of today’s global energy consumption.32 High altitude wind energy could allow us to live a greener lifestyle without the need to reduce our use of energy.
  • Lancaster said more solid wind data would be required to confirm the project’s economic feasibility, and that a couple more years of study were needed.
  • Once these altitudes are mastered, it will be tempting to gradually go higher, until they reach the jet stream at 10 km/33,000 ft.

Our study is significant in perfecting the state-of-the-art APAS technologies and the advancement of the teaching and learning environment for programming classes, as what the work of ours and others has previously contributed. The research is expected to benefit the learning of hundreds of students each year with visible impact in the form of their improved programming skills. This project will advance the research capability of the investigators so that they can transfer research experiences and new knowledge into teaching and learning in their institutions, which is also the main objective of this Faculty Development Scheme . Since the newly developed online APAS platform can be used by all academic staff of the institutions, the new knowledge and tangible outcomes arisen from this project will benefit the teaching and learning of all three institutions. Finally, we will actively publicize our research findings both locally and internationally so that their potential benefits and values can be deployed by the global computer education community. This research aims at developing sustainable strategies for non-profit transportation organisations to provide dial-a-ride services for people with disabilities through the optimisation of revenue and resource management. As an on-demand, door-to-door transport service that requires advanced booking, DAR’s utilisation rate is usually low compared with the scheduled route services, and this operation characteristic creates a relatively high ratio of subsidy per person. To address this issue by optimising the resource management, we will study the service options of vehicle pooling arrangements in DAR operations.
This indicated that the people in Hong Kong were producing waste at an alarming rate. So apart from setting up waste management facilities, it has committed itself to provide more public education. Hong Kong people have become more outspoken about their demands and asked for higher degree of participation in policymaking since the change of sovereignty in 1997. Therefore, policy makers should understand the determinants of policy support for waste management so as to address the environmental concerns and the rising sentiments of people in policy participation.
The inter-trade time recorded in the tick-by-tick data allows further investigation of investor response time in the face of share prices ending a penny above and below the round number. This is another effect of round number biases on trading behavior examined in the present research project. The proliferation of online communities and social media has propelled word-of-mouth communication across cultural and national boundaries. This research thus explores a timely and important topic, one that pertains to the many online consumer forums that are accessible to reviewers and audience worldwide. In particular, it is of high theoretical and practical interest to investigate how globally accessible forums might induce different patterns of WOM behavior across cultures. Through controlled experiments and verbatim analysis of online reviews, this research will yield novel theoretical insights into cross-cultural consumer behavior and will empower practitioners to manage consumer-generated content across cultures.

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We created and funded a new Bitcoin Evolution account to test the live trading feature, and it works perfectly. We observed that there are no delays on the platform; it is easy to use and responsive. The success score on Bitcoin Evolution is 98% as proven by our analytics tools.

In the long run, we intend to consolidate students, researchers , and local inventors to form a community, and promote the innovation and R&D for the toy and digital entertainment industries in Hong Kong. Also, we will make use of the experience to support and enhance the teaching and research in CIHE and OUHK, and strengthen the research collaboration between different tertiary institutes. Advances in Massive Online Open Course , web 2.0 communities, social media, mobile and sensor technologies have been phenomenal in recent years. Meanwhile, the number of people who have access to mobile technologies has also grown exponentially. These developments provide people with more opportunities which help them not only learn new knowledge and skills but also communicate and discuss with other users, sometimes even with instructors and tutors of the courses.
His systematic approach on system interface management is one of the key attributes to the success of the implementation of such systems in the recent projects in Hong Kong and overseas. The wind farm, proposed by CLP Power for construction near the Ninepin islands, was once said to be the city’s most ambitious renewable energy project and was targeted for completion by 2016. But the firm now appears to be taking a more cautious approach to the project. A proposed offshore wind farm off Sai Kung might not see its blades rotating for at least another two years after the city’s largest power producer decided to extend a feasibility study into its economic viability and technical design. Results confirm that each viaduct presents specific energy possibilities and wind potential. In the Juncal Viaduct case, the evaluated power would be about 0,25 MW per wind turbine.