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They told us she ended up being residing the life she thought she had been likely to live. Kalinda’s sex had been a shock!

The main reason that i desired to simplify that with regards to Waverly ended up being that individuals don’t really understand whether she ended up being intimately interested in Champ but didn’t love him (which may still make her xxxstreams bisexual), or whether she wasn’t drawn to him, didn’t love him, and had been simply dating him as a result of compulsory heterosexuality. Until she makes that particular part of her dating history better to us, we won’t really know whether she’s absolutely bisexual or otherwise not. I lean towards thinking she might be bisexual and homoromantic, but i could completely additionally see someone thinking she’s gay. I simply wanted to make certain that we weren’t using “bisexual” in a prescriptive or way that is limited.

Many thanks for the answer. personally think from exactly exactly exactly what they’ve shown us from very at the beginning of S1, that Waverly ended up being residing a facade. They told us she had been residing the life she thought she had been expected to live. She conformed. From what I’ve seen, she never liked any contact that is physical Champ. She nearly seemed frustrated & disgusted because of it, she caused it to be a place to share with Doc he was soooo maybe not her type, she ended up being fast to make down Pete, & she couldn’t even kiss Perry in the lips. All of that is quite telling if you ask me. This is certainly simply my estimation, but absolutely absolutely nothing the show shows me has convinced me personally that Waverly is bisexual. Continue reading