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Additionally, development of a variety of enhancement chips helped to keep it competitive in the marketplace. Brutal Mario and super Mario world return to dinosaur land are very fun challenging and well put together. Super Mario World is a side-scrolling platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo. Fun game, good translation with a few bugs to be addressed.

  • He was practically the face of console gaming itself, having saved the US from a home console video game crash in the 80’s.
  • It’s probably needless to say how big Mario was at the time.
  • And all of his titles are some of the most solid platformers ever released.

Games That Are Astoundingly Good

Then they put every entry together into a single ROM hack so you can judge their work yourself. Every year they hold a level design contest to find the ROM hacker of the year. is one of the biggest ROM hacking communities around, focusing on Super Mario World but also branching out into SM64 and other Mario titles.

Sure, this hack is challenging enough to keep you entertained, but it’s only marginally harder than vanilla SMW. It’s also ideal for those of us with no interest in destroying our sanity by trying to clear a Kaizo hack. Eventually it made its way to the public, and the very first Kaizo hack was born. This modified version of SMW was made by a Japanese creator only to torture a friend by having them go through the hardest levels they could think of.

Along with its exquisitely arranged overworld, the newly-added tundra levels are especially striking thanks to custom-made sprites and tiles of fantastic quality. Despite being more famous for its sequel than the original, the New Super Mario World ROM hack series is one of the all-around best you can find online.

The quality of these levels is all over the place since they’re all made by different contestants. But it’s overall pretty good, and it’s a very cool concept.

Super Mario Sunshine: 10 Hardest Shines In The Game (& How To Get Them)

It’s up to Mario to make his way through a bunch of well-designed and innovative levels so he can stop the Koopa King and his dastardly plans. This mod seeks to give the green dinosaurs a lot more of a protagonist role by making Yoshi the playable character. Despite being classified as a Kaizo Light, this game is incredibly hard, as you can probably tell from its trailer. While not as famous as some of the other entries, Invictus is greatly appreciated by the select few that have played it. While the hack’s level design is pretty good, Kola Kingdom Quest is ideal for those in need of some SMW-themed eye candy.

But it has multiple endings, and re-playing it is also part of the game mechanics – a bit like Doki Doki Literature club. Rather than frightening you with jumpscares, this game focuses on creating a profoundly unsettling ambiance with its soundtrack and disturbing imagery. Also notorious for its intense difficulty is Brutal Mario, a 10-hour long adventure with a fantastic soundtrack, good-looking custom graphics, and varied level design.