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Money The only method to reliably get cash is to operate at the office

1.4: faculties Each woman has inherent characteristics which influences which actions she’ll like on times, these dates will soon be discoverable once you have sufficient lp (needless to say they are additionally described in to the 2: girls).They’ll additionally influence exactly just how lp that is much’ll gain through the clothing you wear specific girls likewise have anti-traits, which means that they will hate everything related to that trait

1.5: cash The way that is only reliably get cash is be effective in the office (you may also wander the roads for the random event or play vidya you will not get far by doing this). Either work hard (4 hours) or work (4 hours), work hard gets you additional money and expenses more enjoyable it is just available if your entire needs are above 5, work is available in the event the requirements are above 3. You additionally have 2 events that are random working: either work over 2 hours for a plus (truly well well worth it) or 2 hours for regular pay (do what you need this time around). Work is only available in time hours and from Monday to Saturday, this is really important due to the next point.

Significant! Every Monday morning 100$ will likely be expected to spend the lease, if you fail to repeat this you then’ll just take a huge relationship hit utilizing the girls.

1.6: Seduction Each woman has 3 data, love (hereafter shown as lp), kink (hereafter shown as kp) and lesbian (hereafter called gp). Continue reading