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the united states in particular has histories of black face and it is an image / symbol that still makes people uncomfortable. a company avoiding this is not censorship, that is their choice to steer clear of it in a region where it might give the wrong idea – not yours. @SmaggTheSmug @Yorumi The main issue is that the economic ramifications from slavery are still rippling through society today.

The freed slaves didn’t suddenly have land, homes, and savings. The civil rights movement didn’t magically make everyone stop treating black people as second class citizens. Even though white people were subjected to slavery as well, no one has ever used "slave" as a derogatory term against me because of the way I look, or the 1/16th Irish in my herritage. why bring transgender issues into this conversation at all?

Again, I haven’t watched Blackish so I can’t comment on it. That’s my overall point, we’ve eliminated institutionalize racism, so we’re left with individual cases of it. Well I’m not responsible for individual cases anymore than anyone else other than the perpetrator is. But so often the "conversation" that people want to have is how individual cases some how prove institutionalized racism and thus people are responsible based on their skin color. Well that’s racist right there, but people don’t want to hear that(to be honest even if institutionalized racism existed today I’m not sure that leap in logic works because people are still individuals).

  • Of course all of it was dropped from the game, but some of the ideas do appear in later games.
  • Each section of the map has one boss at the end, which must be defeated to advance through different parts of the overworld.
  • There are also secret paths that lead to bonus games where the player can earn additional lives or windwaker rom rom download other items, as well as gain possible shortcuts through the level.
  • Collecting 100 bananas or all four K-O-N-G letters will give the player an extra life respectively.
  • The gameplay is awesome, and quite unexpected.

Stereotyping other races as negative is racist. Racism isn’t a white person thing, it is a human thing.


With the racial tensions being so high right now they are making a business decision to no alienate some of their fans, which is a smart decision in my book. Things can be offensive even if it is accidental. I don’t see this as moving backwards, I see it as being aware of other people’s feelings which is moving forward.

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honestly disappointed you have 9 people who liked your comment. @EmberTune I agree things taken out of context even with best of intentions can be offensive but the idea is to be able to tell the difference between then thats when true progress is made.

Saying anything that has any white character/person wearing black face paint should not be viewed doesn’t seem like progress. If black people are finding this offensive then they made the right decision to stop it being localised. @tguk911 I don’t think they are moving backwards.

@KingMike The main difference with pokemon is that they have merch bursting out of every hole, and a true fan does not merely own one piece of intellectual property. One upset parent leads to a loss in videogame sales, plushies, figurines, posters, and pokecoins in Go. And children’s shows fall under much heavier scrutiny because of the "won’t somebody think of the children!?" mentality.

The thing is black people haven’t been oppressing white people for hundreds of years and then suddenly acting like everything is okay and it isn’t still happening. That is where the difference in outcry is happening. I haven’t watch Blackish so I can’t comment on that, but I have been watching Dear White People. DWP has a lot of stereotypes of white people, though it also stereo types people of color as well; and it is doing so to prove a point and makes you think about things and have conversations about it.