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Matt had been a Mennonnite as he showed up on Breaking Amish: Los Angeles.

He had been a sweetheart to start with, but he did not precisely make any buddies as he made a listing of home guidelines for all to adhere to. Perhaps maybe perhaps Not surprising — the show’s called Breaking Amish, perhaps perhaps perhaps not Take a vacation to Ca and Remain as Amish as you possibly can.

En Titled the Ten ComMatments (bless), these people were essentially as unreasonable and stupid as you would expect from a real possibility show such as this. Among other activities, he ordered their housemates become celibate, shower daily and, above all (really, it absolutely was quantity one in the list), no speaking Dutch. Matt’s housemates were spoke and amish in Dutch if they had been around him. And yes, which is rude, however since rude as telling you to definitely shower each day.


Sam Stoltzfus joined up with their sibling Lizzie for a journey to your west coast in Breaking Amish: LA.

Like therefore, a lot of Breaking cast that is amish before him, Sam had 100per cent broken Amish prior to the show began shooting. He nevertheless lived in a community that is amish but there are several images of him down with friends and enjoying an “English” life style. Though, we do know for sure he had beenn’t more comfortable with every aspect from it.

He had been significantly surprised and upset as he got a few truth bombs to your face — his sister Lizzie ended up being really expecting during the time of recording. Continue reading